A stellar record of success has established Susan Levi & Associates, Inc. as a premier consulting firm in urban improvements and the creation, implementation and management of Business Improvement Districts in the City of Los Angeles.  The company combines technical abilities with a creative approach that gives clients a strategic advantage when it comes to the marketing and management of special urban districts.  As a full-service consulting firm, Susan Levi & Associates, Inc. takes an integrated approach to establishing and managing districts, incorporating:


-  Quantitative and qualitative research

-  Property and business owners’ goals and concerns

-  Historical backgrounds

-  Social and economic trends

-  Creative communications

-  Close collaboration with stakeholders

-  Productive public and private partnerships

Susan Levi & Associates, Inc.’s role is to work side-by-side with clients to implement custom-tailored programs that empower an urban community to create a vibrant economy and high quality of life in their district.  We strive to effectively transfer our knowledge and expertise to organizations to ensure the long-term success of a revitalized urban community.


Our clients’ goals are as diverse as the districts themselves.  From Industrial Zones to Pedestrian Oriented Areas, Susan Levi & Associates, Inc., has successfully implemented programs that have transformed areas making them cleaner, safer and more aesthetically pleasing. 


Through comprehensive research and collaboration with district members and city officials, Susan Levi & Associates, Inc. assists districts in determining priorities and achieving their objectives in areas ranging from clean & safe programs, marketing, special events and image enhancement.  Our results speak for themselves.